Meet-Meme is now FE Social!

Meet-Meme, the company that brought you Meet-Meme Social Trading Cards is now FE Social, a division of First Edge Solutions. We have shifted the focus of FE Social Trading Cards from personal cards to customized, full-branded cards you can use to promote your brand, company, products-even special promotions. Rather than choosing from a pre-designed template, you can now custom design your cards using your own artwork and specialized content.

We are no longer accepting new personal trading card customers, however if you are already a registered FE Social customer you can re-order cards in minimum quantities of 100. You will also have the option of personally designing your own card (creative fees will apply).

If you are interested in FE Social Trading Cards for your business, or would like to re-order your existing cards, please contact us and someone will get back to you to take your order.

Thank you for your interest in FE Social.